Complete control of your FirstPlus debit card.

CardGuard is free for First Plus debit cardholders, both individuals and businesses. And it's available only at First
Financial Bank!

Download this exclusive app for your Apple® iPhone® or Android phone today! If you're not a First Financial checking account customer, we invite you to open an account at any of our banking centers!

Have more than one First Plus debit card on your account(s)? No problem. They can all be added, monitored, and controlled together in the one place.

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Benefits for Cardholders

If you're trying to stick to a budget, CardGuard can help. Set spending limits for general use or by type of merchant. CardGuard lets you change parameters 24/7 using your mobile phone. When you're traveling or shopping for the holidays, it's quick and easy to update the controls to fit special spending needs. 

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Benefits for Families

If your children use your FirstPlus debit card or have cards of their own, you can easily monitor and control their spending with CardGuard. Simply set limits on purchase amounts and where the card can be used -- so they can spend $20 for pizza but not $200 for shoes.

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Benefits for Businesses

CardGuard is a valuable tool for controlling the use of company debit cards. Set transaction controls by merchant, location and spending limit to ensure employees adhere to your purchasing policies.

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What can CardGuard do for me?

It is an instant ON/OFF Switch for your card

Immediately disable your lost or stolen First Financial FirstPlus debit card, then enable it again if found.

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Monitor card activity

Enable Alerts so you're notified when your debit card is used, approved or exceeds the transaction controls you have set, or when a card transaction is attempted, but declined.

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Set spending limits

Use Spend Limits to set the maximum purchase allowance for individual transactions. You can allow payments up to a certain amount and decline transactions that exceed your preset limits.

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Control purchase types

Use Merchant Types to define the types of merchants where your card can be used for purchases like grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants.

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Define how your card can be used to shop

Use Transaction Types to enable online transactions when you're shopping online and disable them after making purchases to prevent internet fraud.

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Set geographic limits for your card

Use Locations to restrict purchases to merchants within a certain range of your location. Set geographic limits for card use by city, state or zip code – a great feature when you're traveling.

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Get real-time account balances

No need to leave CardGuard to check your balance. It's always available for a quick look.

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