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Retirement Plan Trust Services
Employee Individual Retirement Plans

Choosing and implementing an individual retirement program can be confusing and time-consuming. Trust Services of First Financial Bank has the experience and resources to assist you every step of the way.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)
An IRA allows individuals to defer taxes on savings until time of distribution. Income tax deductions may be allowed for contributions based on individual circumstances.

Individual Retirement Account (Roth IRA)
While a Roth IRA has no current tax deduction, earnings and distributions from a Roth IRA are generally tax-free.

Generally, a rollover is a tax-free distribution made to you consisting of cash or other assets from one retirement plan that you contribute to another retirement plan. The requirements for IRA rollovers can be daunting for individuals. Trust Services will assist you and provide the attention to detail your accounts deserve.

When you decide on the type of retirement plan you want, there are three components to be considered:

Trustee Services
As trustee, we work in partnership with you to provide the following:

  • Safekeeping of securities
  • Income and dividend collection
  • Daily reinvestment of available cash in money market fund
  • Comprehensive plan accounting on quarterly basis
  • Benefit payments
  • Administrative services
  • Fiduciary oversight and regulatory compliance

Plan Document - Prototype documents used by First Trust Services have been approved by the IRS. When a prototype document from Trust Services is adopted, you will automatically receive updates to your document as tax laws change.

Investment Management Services - The responsibility for the investment of the assets of any retirement program established can be delegated to the investment management professionals in Trust Services. We will assist you in establishing an investment strategy, taking into consideration your age, risk tolerance and goals.

We want you to know that investment products provided by Trust Services of First Financial Bank:

• Are not a deposit
• Are not FDIC insured
• Are not insured by any federal government agency or the bank
• May lose value

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