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Guardianship Accounts

It has long been recognized that because of age or incapacity, certain individuals are not legally able to handle their own affairs. In response to this problem, the law allows guardianships to be established by the courts. Upon petition by an interested person, a court may appoint a qualified individual or financial institution to handle the affairs of a minor or an incapacitated individual. An individual for whom a guardianship is requested is referred to as the protected person. The person or financial institution appointed by the court to handle the protected person’s affairs is referred to as the guardian, though another familiar term is conservator.

Trust Services of First Financial Bank is fully qualified and ready to act as guardian of the estate of a protected person. As guardian we:

  • Safeguard assets
  • Inventory assets for review by probate court
  • Manage and invest assets
  • Pay ongoing debts and obligations
  • Prepare and file state and federal tax returns
  • Prepare and file financial accountings for review by probate court
  • Consult with the personal care providers
  • Prepare and file a final financial accounting when the guardianship ends

We want you to know that investment products provided by Trust Services of First Financial Bank:

• Are not a deposit
• Are not FDIC insured
• Are not insured by any federal government agency or the bank
• May lose value

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