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Estate Administration

Probate, also known as estate administration, is the process by which the property (estate) of a deceased person (decedent) is distributed to heirs at law in an intestate (without a Will) death or to designated beneficiaries in a testate (with a Will) death. The probate process is controlled by the probate laws of the state in which the decedent maintained legal residence at the time of death and/or by the probate laws of the state in which property was left at the time of death.

Trust Services of First Financial Bank is fully qualified and ready to serve as the personal representative of an estate. A personal representative (executor or administrator) is the individual or corporation (bank or trust company) appointed by the probate court to take charge of the decedent’s property during the probate process. The personal representative must identify, value and assume control over all the decedent’s property. The personal representative must also pay all lawful claims against the decedent’s estate, including the decedent’s debts, income taxes and death taxes, and expenses of administering the estate.

As personal representative, Trust Services of First Financial Bank provides complete administration of the decedent’s estate from probate of the Will to filing the final settlement with the probate court. We provide:

  • Counseling to beneficiaries on financial matters
  • Management of estate assets
  • "Postmortem" tax planning to minimize taxes
  • Continuity: Being a corporate personal representative or trustee, we will be there when needed (unlike individuals who may die or become unable or unwilling to serve).
  • Impartiality, eliminating conflicts that can arise between family members
  • Distribution of assets to beneficiary(s) pursuant to the will

We want you to know that investment products provided by Trust Services of First Financial Bank:

• Are not a deposit
• Are not FDIC insured
• Are not insured by any federal government agency or the bank
• May lose value

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