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Charitable Trusts

Trust Services of First Financial Bank can assist you with all your charitable giving desires. Charitable gifts made during your lifetime or at your death can reduce income and estate taxes while benefiting the charitable organizations you choose. Gifts may be made outright or through a charitable trust.

Charitable gifts and provisions in a will
Allow the estate to claim an estate-tax deduction for the value of that gift.

Charitable gift annuities
Transfer property or assets to a trust set up for the charity of your choice, avoiding capital gains. The trust pays you and/or someone you’ve chosen a fixed income for life or for a specified period of years.

Charitable remainder trusts
A trust which provides a sum certain, not less that five percent of initial fair market value of all property placed in trust, to be distributed at least annually to a non-charitable beneficiary, with remainder to a qualified charity.

Charitable lead trusts
Pay income to the charity of your choice for a set period of time. At the end of that time, the trust assets pass back to you or your named beneficiary.

We want you to know that investment products provided by Trust Services of First Financial Bank:

• Are not a deposit
• Are not FDIC insured
• Are not insured by any federal government agency or the bank
• May lose value

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