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First Mobile Banking is like carrying the bank with you in your pocket. Pretty great, right? But we're always looking for ways to make it better. Take a look below at the new features we've recently added to our Mobile Banking app. (Scroll down for details about any feature.) If you haven't experienced the convenience of Mobile Banking, now you have even more reasons to try it! 

  • Use Quick Balance to review balances and transactions without logging in.

  • Get Push Notifications that alert you to account activity when you aren't logged in.

  • Send payments to friends and family with Popmoney (Pay People) Mobile.

  • Log in with Touch ID on Apple devices and Fingerprint ID on Android devices.

  • Smart Watches (Apple and Android) now supported.

For your convenience, a new Forgotten User Name and Password feature allows you to use your Mobile Banking app to recover your credentials without calling the bank.

If you have automatic updates for First Mobile Banking turned on, new features will be pushed to your phone or device automatically. If not, you will likely receive a notification that an update is available so you can choose whether or not to install it. 

mobile phone graphic for Quick Balance

Quick Balance • Android and Apple
Quick Balance allows you to see your account balance and recent transactions on your phone or device without logging in.

To enable Quick Balance, log into the app and go to Settings > Quick Balance > Current Device > Toggle Quick Balance On. Once enabled, you will be able to see your balance and last five transactions for each account you have set up in First Mobile Banking. No login is needed -- just swipe down on the Mobile Banking login screen to display the Quick Balance screen.

If you use more than one device for Mobile Banking, you will need to enable Quick Balance for each device individually. If you share a device, remember that others who use your device will be able to see your account balances.

mobile phone graphic for Push Notifications

Push Notifications for Banking Alerts • Android and Apple

Push Notifications are alerts or pop-up messages that are pushed out to your phone or tablet from the First Mobile Banking app even when you aren't logged in. With Push Notifications, you can be alerted to activity on your account anytime, anywhere.

Go to Settings > Push Notifications and you will be presented with a list of notifications to choose from, including balance, withdrawal and deposit alerts. Tap the on/off toggle next to the notifications you want to receive. If you previously set up banking alerts within online banking, those alerts will be displayed on the Push Notifications page.

Push Notifications are not available on the Amazon Fire tablet.
mobile phonegraphic for Popmoney

Mobile Popmoney (Pay People) • Android and Apple

Popmoney is a quick, secure way to send money to anyone who has an account at a bank or credit union in the United States. You can use Popmoney to pay the babysitter, cover your share of the lunch tab, go in on a gift, lend money to a friend and so much more. All you need is the email address or mobile phone number of the person you want to pay.

To access Popmoney on an iPhone, go to the More menu and tap "Popmoney." On an Android phone, tap "Pay People" in the Menu. On your smartphone, you can select the recipient from your contact list or you can pay a contact already set up in Online Banking. Enter the amount, tap "Send" and the recipient will receive a text or email to let them know the money has arrived and is ready to be deposited.

The fee for sending a Popmoney payment is $1.00. Delivery generally takes three business days. A next-day delivery option is available for a fee of $7.00. There is no fee to the person receiving the money. 
Text and/or data charges may apply -- check with your wireless carrier.
mobile phone graphic for Touch ID

Touch ID • Apple
Fingerprint ID 
Android (works with Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS only) 

If you have an Apple or Android device with fingerprint-sensor technology,  you can now log into First Mobile Banking with your fingerprint using Touch ID or Fingerprint ID. When you log into the app with your user name and password on a supported device, you'll receive a prompt asking you if you would like to start logging in with your fingerprint. If you do not accept, you can still enable fingerprint login later from the Settings menu in the app.

Even if Touch ID or Fingerprint ID is enabled, you'll still be able to log in to Mobile Banking with your user name and password, if desired.

Your fingerprint is stored on the device and it is encrypted with a key that is only accessible to the device. Neither the bank nor the Mobile Banking app can access your fingerprint.

graphic for mobile banking on a Smart Watch

Smartwatch • Android and Apple

Smartwatch support is now available in First Mobile Banking! If you have an Apple or Android Wear watch, you can check your balance and transactions without taking your phone out of your pocket or logging in. To get started, you must first enable the Quick Balance feature on your phone or tablet.

Apple Watch
To enable First Mobile Banking on your Apple Watch, log into Mobile Banking on your iPhone. Go to More > Settings > Quick Balance > Apple Watch. Once you've turned on Quick Balance, you can select the accounts you want to view on your watch. If you would like to change the order in which your accounts appear, tap the "Edit" link in the upper right corner of the iPhone screen and "Done" to save the changes. Then tap "Refresh" on the watch screen to begin seeing account balances and your five most recent transactions. You can also locate nearby First Financial branches by swiping right on the Accounts view.

Android Wear Watches
To enable First Mobile Banking on your Android Wear Watch, log into mobile banking on your phone. Go to More > Settings > Quick Balance > Android Wear. Any changes on this screen will automatically update on the watch. You can view transactions for any account displayed on your phone by tapping that account. Location finder is not available for Android Wear watches.

Whether you have an Apple or Android Wear Watch, you must log into First Mobile Banking from your phone or tablet at least once every 30 days to continue using Quick Balance on your watch. Your watch will prompt you to do so once you reach the 30-day limit.

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