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Photo of check showing location of bank routing number and account number

If you don't use checks, log in to your online banking and click the name of your checking or savings account on the My Accounts page. On the next page that loads, click  "See account details" on the right side under "Balance" to view the full account number.

Tips for direct deposit of your federal and state tax refunds

  • Make sure your tax preparer has your current bank information.

  • The routing number for First Financial Bank is 074900356. It is located at the bottom left on your checks.

  • Verify that your account number is correct. This number is located at the bottom of your checks to the right of the bank routing number.

  • Designate the proper account type for the direct deposit -- checking or savings.

  • Do NOT send your refund to someone else's account. The bank has no authority to withdraw the funds for you.

  • Do NOT allow others to send their tax refund to your account.

  • If you file a joint return, send the refund to a joint account.

If any of your information is incorrect, your tax refund may be returned to the sender, which will delay receipt of your funds.

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