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Business Text Message Banking

Among the new features of First Onlne Business Banking is text message banking capability. You can receive information about your business accounts instantly, just by texting short commands from your smartphone or any wireless device that has internet access. It's a convenient, secure way to get immediate account updates when you are on the go.

Remember that when you send or receive a text banking message, data and text messaging charges from your service provider may apply.

How to enroll

You will see Text Enrollment in the lefthand navigation menu when you log into First Online Business Banking. Clicking that menu item launches the Text Enrollment page, where you can switch the service to On and enter your mobile number. Then review the Terms and Conditions, agree to them and click Save. 

Following enrollment, set your Account Preferences to include the accounts you would like to access with text message banking. Enter a short display name for each account (for example, CKG for checking), place the accounts in the order you prefer and select the check box to enable them. 

Following enrollment, you will be able to do the following:

  • Receive your current balance on accounts you've enabled for text message banking
  • Receive your five most recent account transactions
  • Transfer funds between accounts

How to send texts to us

Text 226563 (BANKME) with a short command. Available commands will vary based on your account settings:

  • BAL — Displays the current balance for all enabled accounts
  • BAL <account nickname> — Displays the current balance for the specified account
  • HIST <account nickname> — Displays the last five transactions the specified account
  • XFER— Transfers funds <from account nickname><to account nickname><amount>
  • LIST  — Sends a list of all available text banking commands
  • HELP — DIsplays First Financial Bank contact information and a link to ask for more information
  • STOP — Disables text banking

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