Tablet user scrolls through messages in email app.

Email Safety


  • Don’t include sensitive information in emails. Don’t put your social security number, credit or debit card numbers, or even your date of birth into any unencrypted email that you send.
  • Never click on a link within an email. Even if it’s from someone you know, unless you were expecting the email with the link, you should check with the sender by means other than email (phone call, text message, etc.) and verify that they did indeed intend to send that email.
  • Beware of email attachments. You should never open an attachment unless you were expecting it or you’ve verified its legitimacy with the sender.
  • Don’t open SPAM messages. Email messages with unusual or misleading subject lines should simply be deleted without opening.
  • Don’t share your primary email address with anyone other than those you trust. Create a free email account for those website registrations and let all the subsequent SPAM go to that inbox.

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