Hand silhouette gripping and pulling red ransomware word from monitor filled with binary code.

Business Protection from Ransomware

If you’re operating a business, there are measures you can take to avoid becoming a victim of a ransomware infection.

  • Train your employees about email safety. After all of the firewalls, intrusion detection systems, email filters, and other barriers that we install to prevent the cybercriminals from entering our systems, our employees are the last line of defense for keeping these types of infections out of your network. Educate your employees about safe email practices, what to look for, and how to respond appropriately if they think that they’ve become a victim.
  • Keep all of your systems up-to-date. Install application updates from the system providers. Especially your anti-malware / anti-virus systems. Make sure that your intrusion detection systems are current as well. Maintain all of the digital devices for your company (servers, workstations, switches, copiers, smartphones, etc.).
  • Create and test a data backup plan. Just as with a personal computer, your servers and databases should be regularly backed up. These backups should be tested so that you don’t find out you have a problem when you’re trying to recover from a disaster. Back up the entire server as well as the data. This will save time so that you don’t have to reinstall the applications and all of the updates all over again.
  • Setup appropriate user privileges. According to the "principle of least privilege," employees should only have access to systems that they need to perform their jobs. If an employee’s account is compromised, this will help to limit the damage to only a few systems on your network.

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